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Concise, Complete, and Accurate Diagnosis

NOIA provides a comprehensive diagnostic reading solution for imaging facilities. Our mission is to deliver best-in-class musculoskeletal, spine and neurological interpretation services in a timely, reliable manner to both inpatient and outpatient imaging facilities and referring physicians. All of our physicians are fellowship trained and together provide state of the art expertise. Our teleradiology and IT infrastructure deliver unequalled timeliness of both stat and final interpretations.

News and Events

March, 2017 - Desert Orthopaedic Joins NOIA

NOIA is pleased to announce that it is now the exclusive provider of imaging services for the new 3T MRI center of Desert Orthopedic Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 21 spine and orthopedic physicians of DOC are located at four different offices in Las Vegas, and are one of the largest and most prominent subspecialized orthopedic and spine physician practices in Nevada.

Please visit www.doclv.com for more information.

July, 2016 - 2016-17 Fellowship Program Begins

The NOIA division is pleased to announce that Dr. Benjamin Johnson has joined NOIA as its 2016-17 musculoskeletal fellow.

Dr. Johnson received his MD degree from the University of California, San Diego in 2011. Following completion of an internship in general surgery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, Dr. Johnson completed his residency in diagnostic radiology with fellowship training in breast imaging at Stanford University in June 2016. At Stanford, Dr. Johnson was involved in many quality improvement initiatives, including the implementation of department wide structured reporting and curricular reform efforts. Additionally, Dr. Johnson has been active in radiology international outreach, working on projects in East Africa and serving as Vice Chair of the American College of Radiology Resident and Fellows Section International Outreach Committee.

May, 2016 - NOIA Speaking Engagements Announced

Dr. Russell Fritz announces upcoming speaking engagements on musculoskeletal imaging:

  • September 2016, International Skeletal Society annual scientific meaning. Paris, France.
    - MR Imaging of muscle injury
  • September 2016, International Society of Hip Arthroscopy annual scientific meeting. San Francisco, CA.
    - MR imaging of the hip: techniques and best practices
  • October 2016, Royal Australia New Zealand College of Radiology annual scientific meeting. Visiting professor and invited international guest speaker.
    - MR imaging of the postoperative Shoulder
    - MR imaging of the foot and ankle
    - MR imaging of the elbow
    - MR imaging of peripheral nerves
  • November 2016, Arthroscopy Association of North America Fall Course Imaging course chairman, Update on MRI for orthopedic surgeons.
    - MR imaging of the upper extremity
  • March 2017, Invited international guest speaker South African Musculoskeletal Imaging Group biennial meeting. Tanzania, Africa.

May, 2016 - Best Musculoskeletal Radiology Exhibit Award

Dr. Russell Fritz and coauthors from UC San Diego, UC Davis and the NIH were honored with an award for the best musculoskeletal radiology exhibit at the Radiological Society of North America meeting in December 2015. Their exhibit was titled: Interposition Injuries in Orthopaedics: MRI Features and Clinical Significance.

The NOIA Network

Our Teleradiology Network spans the US with reading facilities in 3 time zones. Visit our Network Sites page for more...

Comprehensive Teleradiology Solutions

NOIA has been a long time innovator in teleradiology, establishing one of the first teleradiology networks prior to the broadband era in 1989 using satellite transmission of images. This tradition of innovation and technical leadership continues today with a focus on superior service, security, and ease-of-use. Our expert technical staff has developed our own proprietary software and is experienced in software development, network design, and teleradiology support.

NOIA’s Teleradiology Network spans the United States, connecting over 70 imaging facilities to our Primary and Backup data centers in the San Francisco area. Our team of network engineers build secure internet Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to connect clients to the NOIA network at minimal time and expense. VPNs enable significant savings in overhead cost over traditional private networks and enable imaging centers in nearly any location so that our world class radiologists are your “virtual” on site radiologist.

An in-house developed Radiology Information System (RIS) is the technical heart of our teleradiology operation. The RIS was custom designed to support NOIA’s distributed teleradiology model as a user-friendly, paperless system with emphasis on automation, quick results delivery, patient safety, and security. The RIS is available over the internet, requires no software installation, and is ready to use with little or no training. Our clients with Healthcare Information Systems of their own can leverage interfaces to automate Results delivery from the RIS.

NOIA’s Technical Services team also serves as the Customer Service component and is a direct interface to the client base. Each member of the team is specially trained and proficient in resolving Teleradiology issues. The same on-staff personnel that designed and built NOIA’s Teleradiology systems maintain and improve those systems today. We understand the challenges facing Imaging Centers and the complexity of the modern Teleradiology environment and are here to provide solutions.